Dairy Darilag is a commercial and editorial photographer from the Philippines.
A graduate of the Ateneo De Manila University, he started out in the field of marketing but quit his 9-to-5 job to pursue his passion for capturing beautiful images—a creative adventure that has now spanned 5 years and counting.
Today, his comprehensive portfolio includes everything from portraiture, fashion, and beauty, to cars, food, animals, and products. He’s shot for the country’s biggest magazines, worked with a number of celebrities, and done numerous covers—an adorable French bulldog named Porkchop included. 

Never the serious type, this artist believes that while hard work and proper preparation are crucial for every successful shoot, a relaxed and dynamic environment also plays a key role in producing photographs that truly resonate (that and perfect lighting, too, which he’s quite obsessed about). 

Always committed to excellence, Dairy Darilag points, shoots, and endeavors to meet—and exceed—expectations every single time. 

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